About The Founder

Debra Cole

DEBRA COLE IS THE HEART OF COLE DESIGN, INC. For more than 25 years, she’s been the driving force behind Cole Design… developing corporate brands, creating and implementing campaigns, producing award-winning collateral, and providing creative strategy for businesses — from small to Fortune 500 — across the United States.

Debra started Cole Design in 1987. Her mission was to build a design firm that did more than just design. She wanted a company that would work personally with clients. Immerse in their business. Strategize on campaigns. Literally become a client’s in-house creative director. Ask any Cole Design client. They will tell you that is exactly what Cole Design does.

Debra is an inspired, accomplished graphic designer with an uncanny, levelheaded business sense. She studied business and graphic design at Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi. After graduating there with a fine arts degree, she moved to Nashville to join a major Nashville architecture firm. Here she worked on environmental design and learned the importance of carrying a brand through both the interior and exterior design.

Running her own boutique design firm, Debra is free to work closely with her clients…to be their creative partner. Over the years, she’s become the design strategist (go-to person) for brand identity — everything from corporate logos and one-of-a-kind collateral pieces to event experiences and office environments. Debra Cole is the branding expert.