Why We Stand Out

We’re known by the clients we keep (some for 25 years).

CLIENTS TEND TO STAY WITH US. Some have been with us since our founding in 1987. Many have worked with Cole Design for 15 years or longer, on project after project or for all of their design needs.

There’s a reason for such remarkably long-lived relationships. Actually, several reasons.

For one, we serve as partners, not just vendors. We dig deeper. Ask more questions. Think beyond the bounds of a single project to understand how it fits into the larger picture of your business, your competition, your organization, and your goals. We plan thoroughly. And unapologetically pay almost obsessive attention to detail, because experience has taught us that such details can make the difference a project that reflects creativity and one that gets the results you seek.

Yet even though we often become interwoven into the fabric of the clients we’ve served for years, we believe we have to earn our reputation every day, with every assignment.  That’s our design.